Monday, December 14, 2009

Loco for Coco

I sure hope you work in Kits, Fairview Slopes or the Granville Island area.

I not only hope you work in one of these neighbourhoods because they are safe, picturesque and pleasant, but also because these are the only areas to which Carolyn (Coco) Cudmore will deliver her original, homemade treats. Coco used to run a small coffeeshop just off Fir and 1st Avenue, where I first discovered her knack for creating comfort foods with a twist. I regularly purchased her chocolate-courgette loaf and her carrotcake cupcakes to consume with my coffee, and my co-workers looked forward to the days when turkey lasagna or butternut soup were featured. Coco left this spot last summer and has set-up an online catering service. Very flexible with regard to delivery times and quantities, Coco takes orders via email or phone. All this and she is hilarious to boot!

Her menu is available on her website: There is a rumour that she will be opening a new, swanky cafe just west of Fir and 2nd Avenue this spring, close to her old location. Ahhh, independent coffeeshops.

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