Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crude Awakening

I had a negative impression of this West Coast/French spot for several years: I don't like the font used for the awning, the atmosphere appears stuffy from without, and the menu always looked overpriced to me. I ate here a few weeks ago for a work function and was surprised by the diverse menu and the comfortable ambience.

We ordered: the duck confit, the beef tenderloin, the smoked tuna, the frites, the wild mushroom risotto and a few rounds of beet salad. Apart from an excessively dijony spƤtzle with the duck, everything was cooked well and thoroughly enjoyed.

Having said this, there are definitely some black marks against this narrow, South Granville hot spot. First, there is no draught beer (I always freak out over places that fail to offer sweet sweet brew on tap). Second, Cru has adopted the predictable (and trademark Vancouver) "small plate" format. That is, there are no full entrees unless you order the prix fixe, and diners are encouraged to order several small, dainty dishes (which usually add up to more than a single entree at any good, popular restaurant). Lastly - and related to the above topic - every small plate was about $2-to-$3 too expensive. The food is great and the preparation is spot on, but I really did feel like I paid a tad too much per plate.

If you are in the hood, hit-up Bin 942 rather than Cru.

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