Saturday, December 19, 2009

Help Purchase Pabst, For The Hipsters!

As most beer aficionados now know, Pabst Brewing Company is up for sale. Yes, this cornerstone of America's white trash heritage and new beverage of choice for hipsters everywhere is about to tank. But wait! You can save it!

Two creative advertising firms - Forza Migliozzi and The Ad Store - have used the concept of crowdsourcing to raise funds in an attempt to purchase the brewery. This is how it works: you go to their website (, you make a pledge ranging from $5.00 to $250,000.00, and when enough funds have been hypothetically generated the advertising firms request your payment via electronic transfer or Paypal. Once the brewery has been purchased collectively, you are paid back in beer...the beer that you "own".

Cool, eh? Isn't this way awesomer than donating to Oxfam or Red Cross this holiday season?


  1. I'm totally a part-owner of Pabst Brewing Co. now. Just waiting for the payment request...

  2. Me too! Just waiting for my dad to pledge.