Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Deceitful Kings Head Pub

Never. Eat. Here.

The Kings Head is a crappy pub that serves an affordable pint, but it totally lacks character since it was renovated a few years ago, and it is terribly managed. I usually blame servers and floor staff for bad service at restaurants and bars, but the completely deceitful and rude treatment that some coworkers and I received at The Kings Head last week was all on the manager.

The Kings Head recently sent out coupons to every household in Kits promoting their "Appy Hour" and offering 2-for-1 breakfasts. I was initially excited when I received this coupon because I am always on the lookout for decent breakfast spots near my place of work. I didn't know The Kings Head served breakfast, so I was eager to try it.

Despite the rank stench of stale beer, and the unenthusiastic greeting we received, and the complete lack of natural light, and the blaring televisions, and our wobbly table, we sat down and studied the limited but diverse breakfast menu. We decided to get their breakfast special, which consists of hash browns, toast, two eggs, and bacon or sausage. The food was alright, or maybe it seemed better than we thought it would be considering the setting: the toast came with jam and peanut butter, the potatoes were well seasoned and sprinkled with green onion, and the bacon was cooked perfectly. "Wow", we thought..."This is actually a really good deal with our coupon!"

The coupon was on the table the entire time, but our curt waitress brought us individual bills without mentioning a deal or discount. We pointed to the coupon and she said that the coupon did not apply to the breakfasts we ordered. We asked her to clarify and, bumbling, she said that the 2-for-1 only applies to certain breakfast items. We showed her the coupon and pointed out that there was no such disclaimer. She apologized, but we didn't let this go. This was outright false advertising. We asked her to speak to her manager because we weren't prepared to pay full price, especially after they lied to us. Our server disappeared and we could hear her request being quashed by the nearby yet hidden manager. She came back saying that we did not state we had a coupon upon entering and that no discount would be applied. We were angry, but this unbelievable outcome was not entirely the waitress' fault. This was the manager's fault.

We paid our bills, sans tip, and made it clear to her that we will never be back and will actively dissuade people from eating or drinking at The Kings Head. Using false coupons to cheat locals and alienate your most important client base...good job, Kings Head. 

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