Thursday, January 30, 2014

Black Rook Bakehouse

There are a few consumables that I am always on the lookout for: new craft beer, awesome sandwich shops, cinnamon buns, diverse 5¢ candy collections, and worthwhile pies. While the concept of pie is simple - filling inside of a pastry shell - there are many factors that can make or break one of these universally-popular baked goods. There are runny fillings, there are cheap fillings, and there are bland fillings. And there are lardy crusts, there are dry crusts, and there are tough crusts. It is very difficult to find a pie with the perfect filling, regardless of whether we are talking savory or sweet, and a rich yet delicate crust. 

Black Rook's Bumble-Rhubarb
Black Rook is pretty close to making a perfect pie. A generous co-worker purchased a whole pie for my going away on one of my last days of work and everyone in my department was thoroughly impressed. I have tried Savary Island Pie in West Vancouver, and I live near Aphrodite's on 4th, but both of these touted pie producers are overpriced and only just above average. Representing everything that Black Rook creates, this pie had a rustic crust that was supple and looked as though it even contained some whole wheat. This pie was custom and contained rhubarb, raspberries, and blackberries. The filling was dense and didn't budge once cut into. It was also a perfect balance of berry-sweet and rhubarb-tart.

I have yet to try the range of items at Black Rook, but this one pie experience ensured that I will be a repeat patron. Thanks Rory! 

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