Saturday, February 22, 2014

Restaurant Zoe in Seattle

My girlfriend and I hunted this warm, stylish bistro down on a recent visit to Seattle because I read about their oyster happy hour on Yelp. Everything about our experience at Restaurant Zoë was outstanding. First, we ordered sixteen Shigoku oysters, and not only were these rare deep-shelled bivalves amazing, our server also threw in two extra oysters on the house. Second, Zoë has both a great wine and beer list. I find that many restaurants tend to favour one beverage over the other, and it seems like places that serve oysters are wine biased, but Zoë has great crafts on tap too. Third, our server was amazing. He was attentive, very polite, and quick to refill our plates with Zoë's delectable complimentary focaccia when they began to look bare. We also ordered the roasted cauliflower to compliment our oysters and it was great. I want to explore the Capitol Hill area more thoroughly on my next visit, and I will be sure to drop by Zoë during my wanderings.

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