Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Concert Highlights

Can't make it to Coachella or Sasquatch? Don't have any exotic travel plans for this spring? You're in luck! While it really does feel like Vancouver is 'No Fun City' in the middle of summer, the shoulder seasons offer unique events (such as the Vancouver Film Festival and the Khatsahlano Music + Art Festival) and awesome live music. It's the time to catch those bands as they are arriving and departing North America after touring all June, July, and August. 

These are three shows that you should go and see. They are cheap, they will be entertaining, and they are all underrated!

Anberlin - Venue - April 29th
There is a stigma (pun intended) attached to the music genre Christian Rock. I have had to defend this genre in the past because I happen to really like some of the music produced by people who go to church. Sufjan Stevens, Hopesfall, and Low are all considered to be "Christian" acts, but these three are actually all in my Top 30 Favourite Bands! No good, Jesus-denying atheist wants to hear song after song about Nebuchadnezzar's Captivity or what awesome goddamn fishermen Jesus and Peter were, but sometimes bands are lumped into the Christian Rock category just because of their beliefs. Often, there are very very few references to religion in the lyrics of Christian Rock bands. Anberlin is one of these bands. I became a fan of this band after adding some of the songs from their breakout album Cities to my jogging playlist. They have come out with a few albums since this solid LP, and it's time for me to catch up with this catchy pop-metal band.

Daughter - Venue - May 15th 
As soon as I heard Daughter will be opening for Sigur Ros in the UK, I started listening to this London trio. Sigur Ros is my favourite band, so I pay attention to their opening acts and recommendations. Daughter is super new on the scene with two EPs and one full-length album, but their singles Youth and Smother have already been used in several European commercials and UK shows. Leadsinger Elena Tonra looks like Karen O and sounds like Florence Welch. I YouTubed Elena and didn't much care for her solo work, but the drummer and bassist she recruited provide her delicate delivery with an engaging backbone. In fact, they do kind of remind me of a folky Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I advise you see them now, on the cheap!  

The Brothers Comatose - The Roost - May 18th
You should go to this show for the venue alone. As a converted house in a residential neighbourhood, which prides itself on being unknown and affordable, The Roost is a gem of the Northwest. I saw a show there last year and wrote about the venue not so long ago. I know of The Brothers Comatose through two friends in Bellingham who saw them last year at this same venue and said it was super fun. As a bluegrass-punk band, The Brothers (two of them are, in fact, siblings) are focused on including the crowd, which results in a raucous recital. Go for Bellingham craft beer and Trader Joe's...and stay for the concert.

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