Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Roost Venue in Bellingham

Many who live on the West Coast know Bellingham as "that town between Vancouver and Seattle" but B'ham is quickly becoming a Portland-of-the-North. With its blossoming craft beer industry, its scads of college kids, and its improving live music scene, Bellingham is now worth visiting in its own right. While the town is still pretty small and quiet, The Roost is one example of how Bellingham is becoming a cooler and more creative city than Vancouver. It is a house, in a residential neighbourhood, that has been gutted and transformed into a teeny tiny live music venue. The venue is eco-friendly, powered by solar and renovated with reclaimed timber, and it holds between 100-140 people. Max. The founders are four young guys from Washington who want to create a space dedicated to art and community building. Yes, the musicians brought in are the focus of this enterprise; and yes, both tickets and beer are sold to generate some capital...but the overarching goal is to create a comfortable, unique arts space for the city. The Roost hasn't been open for very long, and there are only one or two shows a month here. Plus, the owners don't really want their venue to be super well known, mainly for practical reasons. The best way to hear about upcoming gigs is to join their mailing list or follow them on Facebook.

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