Monday, November 12, 2012

The Red Wagon

I'm tempted to give The Red Wagon high praise because I had the pulled pork pancakes tonight for dinner and almost went into a meat-and-sugar induced food coma of excellence. My double tequila caesar, with its pickled asparagus and fresh horseradish, was also amazing and worked surprisingly well with those flappy meat jacks. I went with a group of five, and while everyone seemed to enjoy their meal, we walked away feeling a bit laggard. I know this is a diner, and I realise that Red Wagon's "thing" is zesty meat and comfort food, but there are few balanced dishes on the menu. There is a whole lotta white flour and flesh on this menu. My dad ordered the cobb salad, which is one of the healthier options, and it was laden with avocado, blue cheese, and bacon. Props to Red Wagon for serving all-day breakfast though, but a word of warning: the kitchen closes at 9pm! So instead of high praise, Red Wagon will have to settle for good old fashioned praise.

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