Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kalamata Redux

The Old Location
Kalamata was voted Best Greek by Vancouver Magazine in 2011 and won the Georgia Straight's 'Golden Plate' award for Greek cuisine in both 2011 and 2012. Then, Kalamata shut down in the spring of this year. What-the-Feta?! This really surprised me because it had won the aforementioned awards aaaand was doing pretty darn good on Yelp.

But alas! Kalamata and its succulent kleftico is back! New to Granville and Broadway, right beside Fortune Garden Chinese Restaurant, Kalamata has found a spot with a reasonable lease in which to sear their souvlaki and prepare their paidakia. There is not a great deal of Greek in this hood, so I think they will do well here. Nu Greek is a block away on the same side of the street, but they only create take-away items...and Apollonia is relatively close, but they cater to False Creekers. I ate at the old Kalamata near Cambie twice and remember really liking it. I walk by this new location everyday, and will surely pop in for some lamb on a regular basis.

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