Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Cactus Club: It's Craptacular!

American hygiene products company, Cintas Corporation, holds an annual competition in the States for the country's best public washrooms. This year, they allowed Canadian companies and institutions to enter the contest, which is judged via the website and considers everything from design to comfort. 

The Burnaby Cactus Club Cafe won best Canadian lavatory. This local chain has sure been doing well since Rob Feenie joined ranks after being flushed by David and Manjy Sidoo. I have eaten at a Cactus Club once and really disliked the slick, corporate atmosphere and the cautious, Earlsesque menu. Although, I must admit that I do remember the bathroom being pretty swank. The Cactus Club water closet even passed the Dawkins Kupatilo Test! That is, it offered both paper towels and an air dryer.

Cintas noted that the illuminated makeup mirrors, flatscreen televisions, and fresh flowers made for especially pleasant evacuations.

Keywords: Rob Feenie, Alex Dawkins, "Cactus Club bathrooms"

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