Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rodney's Oyster House

It feels kind of silly writing about a restaurant that has been reviewed to death on Yelp and Urbanspoon, but I've been to this Rodney's twice in the past year and feel the need to share my observations.

First, don't eat here unless you like oysters. Rodney's does have some crustacean-based alternatives, but they have few fish options and even fewer non-seafood dishes. This is an oyster bar.

Second, I never thought felines were particularly partial to shellfish, but this place is a cougar den! While establishments such as Hapa and Cactus Club don't even try to deny their hiring bias toward hot young women, it is evident that Rodney's has a penchant for pretty boys and stud muffins. This makes it a favourite haunt for hen parties and pumas alike.

Third, Rodney's has a poor selection of beers, and fails to list the breweries they represent on the menu. I know they are attempting to have their menu reflect the facileness of their servers, but there are few benefits to hiding beverage information from your patrons. I had to ask about *each* beer - idiotically and generically labeled 'lager' and 'hefeweizen' and 'pale ale' - and finally settled on a caesar due to their subpar, GIB-dominant options.

Fourth, be prepared to wait. The oysters here are really really good, but you'll have to wait for those mimbos to scurry through the cougar den before you can enjoy your bivalves.

In summation, try this popular Yaletown spot for some oysters and a caesar, but perhaps dine elsewhere for your mains.

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