Monday, December 17, 2012

Jethro's Fine Grub

FINALLY! I had been rejected at Jethro's three times over the past year before finally getting in today...a rainy Monday at 9am. This place is near my apartment in Kits but it's not really a feasible option for breakfast due to the long lineups...and also due to the ginormous portions (as my GI tract realised this morning).

I'll just reiterate what pretty much every review on Yelp says when I state that the pancakes are ridiculously large. Don't even bother. A huge, beefy, and (apparently) hungry Asian dude was sitting beside me today and he only got through 1/2 of a single flapjack. My girlfriend and I shared the banana bread french toast and really liked it. However, it would have been a bit dry and dense were it not for the fried bananas that came on top. My dad ordered the apple cobbler french toast and, although he couldn't finish it, said it was really good and fairly "light".

I'll definitely eat at Jethro's again because it is reasonably priced and because they have some atypical options. It's not the best breakfast in town, however. I would like to see a bit more finesse in their dishes (i.e. smaller portions, higher quality) and some more combos. Their carb-to-protein ratio seems off on most items. For example, their chicken-fried steak comes with two eggs and potatoes. Some fruit would be nice with this. On the flip side, their pancake and french toast choices are too doughy. ADVICE: if you are a normal human being with a normal appetite, most of these items should be shared! Don't be a hero.

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