Monday, October 8, 2012

Tap & Barrel

My experience at Vancouver's Tap & Barrel was like going up and down that first big hill on a roller coaster: the entrance was inviting (...ascending), the set-up of the beer and wine taps along the bar was overwhelming (...nearing the top), the seating was ample and comfortable (...rolling over the peak), but the food and service were complete failures (...the steep, scary descent). People I have complained to always come back with how money the patio is, but what will this place fall back on when the clouds roll in for Vancouver’s annual nine months of grey? I am not exaggerating when I say that our waitress provided the worst service I have experienced in Vancouver for several years. She was ridiculously slow, she screwed up a drink order for our table, she ignored attention-grabbing gestures, and she took for-ev-er to deliver the bill. The management must be partly to blame for this since it didn’t look like the other servers were doing much better. The food at Tap & Barrel is as sub-par as the service. There are some safe standards - such as burgers and salads - but the less conventional items - such as the sticky yam fries and the cast iron chicken - were literally a mess. Oh ya, I should mention that the impressive selection of craft beers they have will cost you $7.00 a glass, to start. If you are looking for a sweet patio in False Creek, I strongly encourage you to try The Wicklow or the Backstage Lounge.

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