Saturday, April 16, 2011

Omakase at Tojo's

I am experiencing a deep feeling of satisfaction right now. I finally dined at Tojo's, as one of the final meals I had with my co-workers at Lattimer Gallery. I have really wanted to eat at this Vancouver institution for over three years, but have never found an excuse to shell out $25 per uramaki. Tojo did, however, invent the California roll! 

We went all-out and ordered the omakase, or chef's menu, which included: tuna tataki with ponzu, various rolls, octopus salad, seared coho with Spring vegetables, a rustic stewed bluefin dish, and Tojo's signature suntan tuna. It was outstanding. I am not sure, however, that I would order omakase again now that I know the menu and have been at the delightful mercy of Tojo himself. While all of the dishes that we tried were unique and interesting, I don't think that I would order them myself if they were individual items on a menu (I'm talking to you, stewed bluefin). As ridiculous and frivolous as it sounds, I now feel like I can die a happy man. Actually...I do still want to have kids and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, so it is more appropriate for me to say that I can now die a "moderately content" man.

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