Saturday, March 12, 2011

But Will it Whet my Appetite?

From the Sirloiner to Sammy J Peppers, the address of 1517 Anderson Street just has not been able to retain businesses for extended periods of time. There is a new kid on this block of Granville Island, and it's called Whet (Kitchen.Bar.Patio). It will be interesting to see how this new ownership handles the huge square-footage of the space and being just outside of the hubbub of the Public Market.

I popped my head in the other day and spoke to one of the new managers at Whet and he told me that the emphasis within this new venture is going to be local ingredients and bar-appropriate fare, rather than steak (a la the Sirloiner) or predictable chain standards (a la Sammy J Peppers). Most of the ingredients used at Whet will actually be coming from the Island, which is a great idea.

Whet is marketing itself as a bar and patio spot as well, so they had better start advertising drink specials. I am a regular at Granville Island's Backstage Lounge for their $1.59 cheap beer nights every Tuesday and Thursday, and it will have to take some crazy deals and/or uber-delicious dishes at Whet to earn my loyalty.

I want this business to succeed, but the competition is tough on the Island. I mean, come on...$1.59 beers! That is hard to beat, even if you have one of the largest patios in the city and local ingredients.

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