Monday, October 18, 2010

MOA Satellite Gallery - Opens Oct 23rd!

The Museum of Anthropology - in cooperation with the Presentation House Gallery and UBC's Belkin Gallery - has opened a non-profit satellite gallery at 560 Seymour Street (above the new 560 club and old A&B Sound). Although not exclusively First Nations in its focus, a substantial amount of funding is coming from the Michael O'Brian Family Foundation which is affiliated with the Museum of Anthropology.

This is an exciting venue because there are few galleries that present First Nations art in non-commercial settings. The Native art market works differently from the conventional art market in that the majority of pieces are purchased outright from the creator. Conventional art galleries have many shows a year and rarely purchase any works as merchandise. The consignment agreements that most art galleries operate under allow them to take more risks and have more shows because they only need to spend money on advertising, rent, and promotion. When a gallery must buy every piece that they present, owners must be sure that they can sell them, and this results in a relatively cautious art market.

Victoria-based Tahltan artist Peter Morin (pictured) will be presenting his Petroglyphs performance on opening night, which is October 23rd.

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