Saturday, August 21, 2010

Frank N Stein in Ferndale

What more does a man really need in life above a loving family, sausage, and micro-brewed beer? That's right...very little.

At Frank N Stein, a bearded man serves you steins full of fresh, delicious draught beer at America's smallest brewpub. They also offer free pretzels, and the efficient George Foreman Grill behind the high bar will get your weiners hot, lickity-split. You can also play steel-tipped darts while you are waiting for the grill to warm.

Located in sleepy Ferndale - between Vancouver and Bellingham - this little gem places an emphasis on local beer and conversation. Amongst the highlights in the beverage department are the Ferndale-based Atwood beers, which are available in a rotating selection of Atwood Pale, Atwood Brown Porter, Atwood Kesterweizen and Atwood Scottish Lodge Ale. The Kesterweizen, named after the brewmaster's godfather, is my favourite with its low carbonation and pineapple undertones.

Ask for Josh! He is the best barman along the Northwest Coast.

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