Friday, April 16, 2010

MacFalafel - Those Greasy Balls

I hope nobody out there reads ALL of my reviews because I must sound like a broken record sometimes, repeating my mantra and proselytizing: "order and select food with a contextual perspective".

In fact, this does not just apply to applies to all services. Whenever you enter a commercial transaction, know what you want to get out of it as a consumer.

A quick once-over of MacFalafel should reveal that it is a poor place to order falafel. One look at those sad, rancid little croquettes should communicate the fact that some little garbanzos have definitely been mistreated. MacFalafel does offer some fresh and pleasing items, you just have to scope things out first. Their *chicken* donair, spinach pies and chicken buns are cheap and fresh. Their beef donair, cheese pies and falafel are pretty terrible, I admit. If you are disappointed in something here, let them know! This is a local, family-run hole-in-the-wall that needs your support and will appreciate your feedback. Really.

Try MacFalafel, just avoid putting those neglected greasy balls in your mouth. This is just good advice, in general. They are located at 10th and Alma, conveniently positioned across from the 99 bus stop heading up to UBC.

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