Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blondy's or Brunettes?

As anyone who knows me or reads my reviews is well aware, I have an unusual passion - bordering on obsession - for small, individually- owned coffeeshops. I love everything about them: the "little guy" acumen, the attention to detail, the superior coffee, the idiosyncratic interiors, and the fact that there is still a need in society for establishments dedicated to socializing and idea-sharing (even if it IS in the form of wi-fi...which Blondy's provides).

Although I only work four blocks from Blondy's, the proprietress' mother had to inform me of its existence and encourage me to try it out. I am glad I had this chance encounter with the owner's mom because this coffeeshop is literally a hole in the wall. Okay, it's not "literally" a hole in a wall along 4th Avenue, but it *is* a hole-in-the-wall in the colloquial sense. Right on the NW-corner of 4th and Pine, Blondy's is sandwiched in betwixt a board shop and an electric scooter rental storefront.

Speaking of sandwiches, Blondy's makes some good ones, and they always have one or two vegetarian options, which I value, even though I am not vegetarian. I have had their wild mushroom and goat cheese panini, as well ask their Mexican chicken toasted sandwich. These are priced at $6.95, which I think is a tad high but is kind of a standard price now for joints like this. Blondy's also has a decent selection of baked goods, some of which are made by the owner and some of which are brought in.

Most importantly, the coffee is great. The baristas definitely know what they are doing, and are clearly prepared for the picky palates of Vancouver coffee connoisseurs. My one criticism of this cafe is that the aforementioned baristas are a bit obnoxious and overly-friendly. Plus, there always seems to be a gaggle of young, jabbering riders hovering around the entrance, who are somehow associated with the ownership.

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