Friday, January 29, 2010

Toshi Sushi Girls, You Got The Wicked Style

I had never read a review of this little nugget (at 16th and Main), but I had walked and driven by numerous times and noticed groups of people milling about outside. I had never heard of Toshi (and I have crazy foodie friends), so I wrongly assumed that these crowds were accumulating due to the lack of good Japanese restaurants along Main and/or cheap prices. Well, I ate there a couple weeks ago and am thoroughly happy and excited to report that Toshi's is always busy because IT IS FRIGGIN AWESOME!

My posse ordered: salmon/toro sashimi, gyoza, the house roll (prawn, cucumber, avacado, roe), negitoro maki, miso and a bowl of udon. I adored everything but the gyoza. They are deepfried, and I hate deepfried foods (except for Mars bars... and halibut... and doughnuts... and hot wings... and......).

Everyone agrees that the food is great here, but I would like to emphasize how wonderful the staff are. First, there were five servers, and only about ten tables. This is a 2:1 ratio! Second, Toshi always has at least three sushi chefs working together, in addition to chefs in the back prepping hot dishes. Our items were at our table within five minutes of ordering.

I was also coddled by several of the middle-aged female servers because I whipped out my own chopsticks, along with their sleek bamboo carrying case. Little did I know that these cases are primarily used by schoolchildren...I really couldn't tell whether these jolly Japanese ladies were laughing with me or AT me ;)

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